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Week 6 – The Mechanism

The Mechanism

What an elegantly simple description of the most incredible machine in the Universe.

It takes an idea and turns it into flesh (5-7)!

It controls “The Temple of God”. (6-14)

The “I” is the eye to and from the Universal. The mind, through evolution, has bits of hereditary information from before the time when our earliest ancestors first determined that walking upright might be a cool thing to do. Since then we have been accumulating every aspect of our existence. Filing, cataloging and prioritizing but can we discard any experience through existence? It would be like trying to un-ring the proverbial bell. It’s a done deal. Now the question is what will we do with this?

Knowing the control of this mechanism is in our hands or our thoughts to be more exact is good reason for mankind to be rejoicing. However, only a handful of human beings are using this simple truth and taking advantage of all the Universal has for us. The MKMMA is a grass-roots group that has been growing through the ages.

Can we as humans even begin to comprehend what limitless, infinite potentiality means? Imagine every time you think you have reached your limit you find more; more strength, more knowledge, more allies, more determination and more energy to go on. There is no limit to what we can do for our Universal fellow travelers and conversely no limit to what the Universal Mind will do for us.

Is the seed in the fruit or is the fruit in the seed? Once we understand that we are both we can fully utilize the power of being in either position at any given time and begin the process of creating our greatest lives, together, in perfect harmony. One day we are the seed. The next day we are the fruit.

November 11th Remember the love.

November 11th Remember the love.

What can be accomplished? Anything we can think and everything we can imagine. As long as we obey the highest moral ideal which is “The greatest good to the greatest number.” The best part is this incredible Mechanism is simple to maintain. Keep it filled with LOVE.

I greet this day with love in my heart!

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Week 5 – The Law of Giving and Receiving

This week I am having a challenge. I am not to give my opinion except under these certain conditions; I must be asked specifically for my opinion and I must be an expert on the topic up for discussion. Whew!

The subject I am most familiar with is me. And lately even this is questionable. Considering that this blog is part of the MKMMA requirement I could look at it as specific request. I guess I’m in the clear.

The law of giving and receiving is so basic yet too often overlooked. The example that really crystallized this for me was in 5-25 ‘The athlete who wishes to get strong must make use of the strength he has, and the more he gives the more he gets.’  Now, I get it!  As all the parts of our journey start to form and take shape the overall picture starts to come into focus. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor)

Understanding this point makes all the work on faith alone pay off. Life is truly a case of believing before seeing. Knowing that all power is from within is not enough. The power must COME from within. If it just sits there it is pure potentiality. We must release the power for it to be of any use to us and the world in general.

It all has become too obvious. A friend told me a several years ago The Secret is still a secret unless action takes place. Wishing doesn’t make it so. Wishing to be in Hawaii doesn’t get me a tan. Booking the trip and working a plan does. The Law of Attraction is always working. It’s as constant as the Law of Gravity. Am I attracting through action or inaction? Is it my choice? Of course it is!

This week’s action for me is giving and receiving. Here’s my humble observation (not opinion).

The giver can’t exist without a receiver or the receiver can’t exist without a giver. We must be both to experience either.

I am a giver of all I desire and receiver of all. I always keep my promises.

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Week 4 – I can be what I WILL to be!

We reap what we sow. Seemed so obvious to me and yet I was missing the point of how simple it is.

If we don’t plant a seed something will still grow in the fertile mind.

This week I found an audio with Martha Beck interviewed by Darren Hardy. She spoke of creating an environment where you ‘experience motion and sensation of moving through nature.’ One suggestion struck me. Go for a walk in nature. While walking recite a Navajo prayer called The Beauty Way.

“Beauty before me

Beauty behind me

Beauty to my left

Beauty to my right

Beauty below me

Beauty above me

Beauty within me”

During the walk take time at each direction and find the beauty. So now I simply focus on identifying the beauty and naturally have only those thoughts. The noisy silence has no room when I focus on beauty! And now,

” I can be what I will to be.”


I am truly open for comments on this one. 

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Week 3 – You Gotta Have FAITH!

Week 3 of MKMMA is off to a flying start for me. I believe that the simple task of adjusting the Scroll marked 1 into the present tense was responsible for what occurred today.

Even though it is Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the U.S. I am working in Raleigh NC while my beautiful wife and amazing son are having dinner in Toronto Canada. There is no traffic jam on the extra mile. Learning to be action driven and not results oriented has paid off. After 2 no-shows today I continued on and met the person that was ‘waiting’ for me to come into his life.

The old me would have gone back to my hotel room and contemplated the detour. Instead the new me continued with positive actions. A simple question led to a new lead which led to success! A new habit has formed!

If this is what MKMMA has in store for us then fasten your seat belts! This is the ride of a lifetime.

Faith is the key. Believe that all will work out in the end. If it’s not working out right now then it’s simply not the end! DUH!

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Scam Alert!


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Week 2: This is FUN

As I enter my second week of the MKMMA I am finding a rhythm in daily routine. Knowing that old habits can only be replaced by new habits makes the process much easier. When days are filled with the right actions and right thoughts they can’t help but right ON!

I am leaving on a week long business trip tomorrow morning and am looking forward to not only expanding my team but expanding my understanding of who I am becoming. My wife and son are supportive and understand that entrepreneurship is doing for few short years what others aren’t willing to do so that we will live like  others never will for generations. As I left last evening for a meeting my amazing eight-year-old hugged me and said, “Daddy, go help a thousand people make their dreams come true.”

I won’t be home with my family for Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend. However, I firmly believe that we will have many more days together in the near future while others are bound to their jobs. This is the road we have chosen and will continue to apply ourselves until we arrive.

The right people are not only appearing in my life but they are actively adding to our abundance! We give from abundance and receive with undying gratitude.  This action honours the givers for their efforts and blesses all parties for continuing the flow of positive energy in the Universe.

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